An amicable settlement is almost always preferred. Legal proceedings take a long time and are often very expensive. Mediation can be a good alternative. Together with a neutral mediator you enter into a dialogue with each other to find a good solution.

Often two or three conversations are sufficient, provided that both parties have the will to work it out together. Mediation is voluntary and confidential. What has been discussed in regard to the Mediation may not be submitted to the court. If it turns out that you cannot work things out together, you can still always decide to initiate proceedings.

Annemarie van Toorn is not only a lawyer but also an experienced mediator. Conversations can take place at the office in Bergen op Zoom but also at other locations if desired.

Divorce & mediation

Mediation is suitable when you and your ex-partner want to work things out together. When children are involved in the divorce process, it is of even greater importance that parents try to reach a mutual agreement to prevent a hostile divorce. Even if you are already divorced and there are conflicts regarding alimony, children or other subject matters, mediation can be a good way to prevent the conflict from escalating.

Inheritance & mediation

Emotions can run high when settling a legacy. Conflicts can arise quickly. For example about legacies. If the heirs cannot reach a proper settlement or distribution of an inheritance, they can go to court. Such procedures are often expensive and can take a long time. In that case mediation could also be an option and perhaps a possibility to come to a solution in mutual consultation.

Employment & mediation

Employment Law is about people. Often a lawyer is called in when there is a conflict. However, litigation is not always the best option. Possibly the conflict can also be resolved in mutual agreement. Mediation is suitable for this purpose. Successful mediation can result in maintaining the employment relationship based on good new agreements, or it may result in ending the relationship with mutual consent. This can limit the damage for both the entrepreneur and the employer.

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