Employment Law is about people. Conflicts cause insecurity. Often a lawyer is not involved until there is a conflict and then the following applies: the interests of the client always come first.

An amicable settlement may often be preferable to limit damages. However, if the conflict cannot be settled between the parties, we will not shy away from proceedings. Together with you we determine the strategy and we assist you at hearings.

VanToorn legal specializes in Dutch Employment law. We assist both employers and employees. This is an advantage because it allows us to quickly shed light on the conflict from different angles. We understand the position of the other party as well which makes us your best strategical partner.

Clients are assisted by VanToorn legal in matters concerning for example:

  • dismissal
  • reorganisation
  • incapacity to work
  • wage claim

Our clients are often expats working in the Netherlands. Are you looking for a small-scale Dutch law firm to advise you on Dutch Employment law? Feel free to contact us by phone at +31 (0) 10 8209 602 or via e-mail at vantoorn@vantoornlegal.nl.