Litigation may never be the starting point, but if litigation is required, it must be done properly. Litigation is no easy task. With more than twenty years of experience in the litigation practice, we provide you with expert legal advice, determine the strategy together with you and we assist you at the hearing.We can also assist you in executing international proceedings on international issues.

Clients are assisted by VanToorn legal in different procedures and with different authorities. Such as:

  • Judicial proceedings with courts and tribunals
  • Objection and appeal proceedings
  • Arbitration/disputes committees
  • Interim proceedings
  • Attachment and execution

VanToorn legal is a small-scale Dutch law firm. We have over twenty years of experience in litigation which makes us very good at determining the best strategy and because of our scale we are able to offer very personalized services to our clients.

Please feel free to contact us. The first contact is always free of charge.

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